The high-frequency radial shock wave
therapy system.

MASTERPULS MP200 »elite edition«

The first high-frequency radial shock wave therapy system.

High shock frequencies, maximum shock wave introduction into the tissue, optimized application pressure and convenient touch screen technology. Now possible: »Biomechanical Stimulation« (BMS) with D-ACTOR® technology!

»Biomechanical Stimulation« (BMS) performed with D-ACTOR® technology is based on the mechanical application of vibrating pulses to tensed, shortened or overstretched muscles and tendons by means of the physiological shock frequencies (18 – 21 Hz) and low vibration amplitudes of the D-ACTOR® shock transmitters. As a result, proprioception is controlled, the tissue is purified and the interaction between the central and peripheral nervous systems is improved.


Facts and figures:

High-performance »Silent« compressor or oil compressor

Frequency: 1 – 21 Hz

Pressure: 1.0 – 5.0 bar

D-ACTOR® technology

V-ACTOR® vibration therapy: 1 – 35 Hz (optional)

Two R-SW connectors

Image-based treatment guide

Range of application

Calcified tendonitis of the shoulder

Radial and ulnar humeral epicondylitis

Patellar tendonitis


Plantar fasciitis

Myofascial trigger points

Other disorders of tendon insertions

Activation of muscle and connective tissue

Acupuncture shock wave therapy