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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, or ESWT as it is sometimes referred to, is a treatment used in physical therapy for both human & equine applications. Given the state of the racing industry, and its compliance on supplements and drugs, Shockwave Therapy may be the only safe and legal method of giving your animal a chance of quick recovery. An exclusive online opportunity is also available here to receive $2000 off the price of the MP100 Shockwave machine, which is purpose built for the veterinary & equine industry. Please keep reading for details. If you’re not using Shockwave, you’re at the tail end of the field.

What are the advantages of Shockwave Therapy over other treatment regimes, particularly for equine applications?

Well together with being a non-surgical therapy, with no need for painkillers, it’s an ideal therapy to speed up recovery and cure various indications causing acute or chronic pain. Shockwave is an acoustic wave, which carries high energy to painful spots and myoskeletal tissues with sub-acute, sub-chronic and chronic conditions. The energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues, and also breaks down scar tissue.


Most veterinarians and professional trainers understand that nutrient blood flow is necessary to start and maintain the repair processes of damaged tissue. The application of acoustic waves creates capillary micro-ruptures in tendon and bone, leading to much faster healing without the need for invasive surgery.

Storz Medical, the manufacturer of our machines, are the world leader in Shockwave Therapy and their machines command 60% of the world market, which tells a story in itself. But essentially the Storz machine has more penetration depth and higher energy density levels than any of the competitors, which just leads to even faster recovery of the animals injury. Fast recovery builds additional confidence and a faster return to the track, in good condition, can only lead to increased revenue for the owners & trainers.

Premium Thoroughbred or Standardbred horses are no different to elite athletes in todays world, in that, if they are off their game by even 5% they don’t hit the line like they should. Shockwave therapy is a non invasive and safe method of enhancing your animals chances of recovery from injury, and given the state of the industry, and its compliance on supplements and drugs, Shockwave Therapy may be the only safe and legal method of giving your animal a chance of quick recovery.


So for anyone considering the purchase of a Shockwave Machine, what sort of investment are they looking and what type of ROI can they expect?


The options are many, but to keep it simple, the purpose built MP100 Veterinary machine, with a starting price around $17,990, will give you access to todays cutting edge technology and put you at the forefront of racing, alongside the top 5% of trainers in the country. And with our special promotional offer listed below you can reduce that price to under $16,000, at exactly $15,990.00.


The MP100 Vet was voted Shockwave machine of the year in 2019, and an opportunity exists in 2020 to obtain a huge $2000 discount off the price. At $17,990 RRP the base unit MP100 is one of the best value portable machines available, and with your $2000 discount the price comes under $16,000.00


You can only obtain the code for the $2000 discount from this page so please don’t exit if you want to get that opportunity. Just go to our MP100 page by clicking the link below and enter your basic contact details and we will issue a $2000 discount code that you can use anytime, right up until December 31st. So there is no time pressure to make your buying decision, as the code lasts until December 31st, 2020, and that way you can think through the entire process with clarity.


This offer is ONLY available to registered veterinarians and professional trainers. So click this link and get all the details, plus the $2000 discount option –

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