AWT for Aesthetics

What if you could actually see your FAT LOSS and MUSCLE GAIN

What is AWT?

AWT Application

AWT (Acoustic Wave Treatment) involves introducing acoustic waves into affected regions of the body. Medical applications for these acoustic waves go back to 1980; they have been successfully used in pain therapy and in treating a wide range of other conditions. Recent studies show that acoustic waves have beneficial biological effects that, in aesthetic treatment, may lead to activation of metabolic processes and stimulation of connective tissue. Therapy outcomes are generally excellent and benefits may last up to six months.

What does treatment involve?

Prior to treatment with acoustic waves, a layer of gel is applied between the skin and the handpiece. To stimulate the connective tissue, high-frequency acoustic waves are emitted. Treatment sessions may vary considerably depending on the indication, severity of symptoms and the area to be treated.


Frequency of treatment
6 – 10 sessions at intervals of 3 – 7 days


Duration of treatment
A session usually lasts 30 – 45 minutes.


Non-invasive (the skin is not damaged), no rest period needed after treatment, all skin types can be treated.

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Cellulite, and the typical »orange peel« appearance of the skin associated with it, affects the majority of women. It results from an increase in stored fat, lymph and/or fibrotic tissue in the skin, and is present mainly in the buttocks, hips, thighs and upper arms. The enlarged fat cells and lymphatic deposits are pushed upwards through the connective tissue. This results in the typical »orange peel« dimpling of the skin surface.


  • AWT mechanically stimulates the tissue.
  • AWT improves the microcirculation.
  • AWT smooths the skin.

Body Shaping

Our bodies are always trying to optimize their energy use as far as possible. If we take in more calories than are burned, the excess is stored in the form of fat reserves that we can fall back on as required. Part of this fat goes into storage in certain favoured regions of the body that accumulate excessive lipids. Acoustic waves can be used to treat the small to medium-sized fat deposits formed in this way.


  • AWT reduces the subcutaneous fat layer.
  • AWT helps to reduce circumference.

Skin tightening

The breakdown of the collagen fibres and elastin causes the skin to lose tension. This looseness of the skin is generally due to poor nutrition or unsuitable weight-loss diets, an unwanted side-effect of which is loss of muscle mass. The result is that certain regions of the body, including the buttocks, upper arms, abdomen and inner thighs, appear soft and flabby.


  • AWT increases skin elasticity.
  • AWT increases skin tightness.
  • AWT improves the microcirculation.


Our skin begins to age from our mid-20s onwards. The connective tissue cannot store as much moisture as it used to, and elasticity decreases. The natural ageing process is exacerbated by external factors such as UV exposure. This results in the notorious nose/cheek wrinkles, forehead wrinkling, drooping
jowls and fine lines around the nose, eyes and mouth.


  • AWT reduces wrinkle depth and width.
  • AWT reduces pore size.
  • AWT improves skin texture.


BodyMetrix make a fast and non-invasive measurement of subcutaneous fat. So we demonstrate – without – fear – the effectiveness of our AWT treatment!


What if you could actually see your FAT LOSS and MUSCLE GAIN


Now you can!


With our new technology, we’ve gone from percentages to pictures using our unique Ultrasoud Body Composition System. This System not only tracks your fat loss and muscle gain, but delivers accurate and reliable results without painful pinching. Best of all there is no preparation required.

There is a noticeable reduction in inflammation due to the accumulation of exstracellular liquids and a reduction in the thickness of the SSAT + SDAT in the wider area, from 50.8 mm to 33.1 mm. PROTOCOL: 6 sessions, of which 3 sessions of MECHANICAL LYMPHATIC with V-ACTOR and D-ACTOR + D35 and 2 sessions ADIPE / CELLULITE with D-ACTOR + D20T.